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Journal of New Zealand Art History

Volume 32, 2011

Journal of New Zealand Art History

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- Warren Feeney, The Name's Colvin. Neville Colvin
- Michael Findlay, Eyes on the Prize: New Zealand Architects, Education and the Travelling Scholarship 1880-1939
- Melinda Johnston, Resisting the Greater Deception: Social and Political Commentary in the Prints of James Boswell
- Genevieve Silvester, Lifiting the Shadows from Gottfried Lindauer's 'Maori GIrl with Poi'
- Celia Walker, The Landscape Measured: Charles Heaphy's Mapped Visions
- Sophie Keyse, Viewer as Voyeur and the Evocation of Unease in the Work of Séraphine Pick, Yvonne Todd and Ann Shelton
- Robin Woodward, The Form of Christian Art: Biblical Subject Matter in the Sculpture of Terry Stringer
- Robert Hannah, A Tale of Two Capitals
- Roger Collins, Frances Hodgkins and a 'New' French Connection

- Peter Simpson, Fantastica: The World of Leo Bensemann, Reviewed by Aaron Lister
- Mary Kisler, Angels & Aristocrats: Early European Art in New Zealand Public Collections, Reviewed by Michael Dunn
- Jennifer Hay with John Finlay, Bruce Barber, Peter Leech, Pamela Hansford, Jenny Harper and Justin Paton, Andrew Drummond: Observation/Action/Reflection, Reviewed by Christina Barton

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