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Bulletin of New Zealand Art History, Volume 14

Bulletin of New Zealand Art History, Volume 14

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Volume 14, 1993

- Women's Suffrage Centenary 1893-1993
- Pamela Gerrish Nunn, The Other Heaphys
- Mary Montgomery, The Wimperis Family: Towards a straightening of the record
- Ann Calhoun, A Trade for their Daughters: Women in the fine and applied arts in New Zealand from 1870 to 1900
- R. D. J. Collins, Grace J. Joel and Australia
- Peter Entwisle, Frances Hodgkins at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery: A History of the Collection and a Checklist

- Ian J. Lochhead, Mrs Grundy and the Gothic: James Edward Fitzgerald and Architectural Criticism in Colonial Canterbury
- The Art of Alfred Sharpe by Roger Blackley, reviewed by Ian J. Lochhead
- Leonard Bell, Nicholas Chevalier's Journey through Canterbury in 1866: Contexts and Connections
- Toss Woollaston: an illustrated biography, by Gerald Barnett, reviewed by Peter Leech

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