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Bulletin of New Zealand Art History, Volume 16

Bulletin of New Zealand Art History, Volume 16

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Volume 16, 1995


- R. D. J. Collins, Caveat Lector: Notes on some exhibition catalgues
- Leonard Bell, Travel art and its complications: Constance Frederica Gordon Cumming's 1877 visit to New Zealand, and the Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886
- Michael Dunn, The Elam School of Fine Arts
- Decorative Art, introduced by Vickie Hearnshaw
- The Sculpture of R. N. Field in the Context of English Modernism, 1922-1945, A. C. K. Petersen
- Eileen Mayo: Painter and Designer, David Bell

- Artistic Heritage in a Changing Pacific, reviewed by Caroline Vercoe
- Between the weft and warp: Roger Neich, Painted Histories: Early Maori Figurative Paintings, reviewed by Robert H. G. Jahnke
- Frances Hodgkins: Paintings and Drawings, reviewed by Mark Stocker

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