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Journal of New Zealand Art History, Volume 25

Journal of New Zealand Art History, Volume 25

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Volume 25, 2004

- Warren Feeney, National Identity and Peter McIntyre's New Zealand
- Ian Lochhead, In the Heart of the Bush: Photographing the Catlins in 1906-7
- Peter Simpson, Here's Looking at You: The Cambridge Terrace Years of Leo Bensemann and Rita Angus
- Natalie Smith, The Wearables and The Montana World of Wearable Art™ Awards: What it Is and What it Means
- Mark Stocker, 'A Greatness Departed and a Glory Dimmed': The Kaiapoi Pa Monument
- Jennifer Hay, John Panting: New Zealand's New Generation Sculptor
- Luke Smythe, Formal Horizons: Walter's Modernism and the Historical Location of the Koru Paintings
- Peter Leech, 'A Sort of Generalized Thing': McCahon, Influence and Explanation
- Vickie Hearnshaw, Learning Art with Eugene von Guérard: The Letters of Will Watkins to Julius von Haast

- Deidre Brown, Tai Tokerau Whakairo Rakau: Northland Maori Wood Carving, Reviewed by Roger Fyfe
- Michael Dunn, New Zealand Painting: A Concise History;
Damian Skinner, Don Binney: Nga Manu/Nga Motu - Birds/Islands, Reviewed by Edward Hanfling
- Laurence Simmons, The Image Always has the Last Word: On Contemporary New Zealand Painting and Photography, Reviewed by Peter Stupples
- Anna Smith and Lydia Wevers (eds), On Display: New Essays in Cultural Studies;
Claudia Bell and Steve Matthewman (eds), Cultural Studies in Aotearoa New Zealand: Identity, Space and Place, Reviewed by Laurence Simmons

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