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Journal of New Zealand Art History, Volume 26

Journal of New Zealand Art History, Volume 26

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Volume 26, 2005

- Melinda Johnston, The Artist Dissected: European Anatomical Traditions in the Prints of Barry Cleavin
- Donald Bassett, Educating Rita: The Children's Illustrations of Rita Angus
- Leonard Bell, A Very Peculiar Practice: Investigating Girolamo Nerli's The Savage Chief (1897)
- Sarah Hillary and Joyce Townsend, A Lively Parrot: Frances Hodgkins's Wings Over Water
- Tony Mackle, Stewart Bell Maclennan: 'The Man for the Job'
- Dorothee Pauli, 'Signs of Genius Apparent': The Art of James Cook
- Gail Ross, The Quoin Club: Auckland Print Pioneers 1916-1930

- Jill Trevelyan (Ed.), Toss Woollaston: A Life in Letters, Reviewed by Richard Lummis
- Helen Foote, The Hand and the Chisel: The Life and Work of Lewis John Godfrey, Reviewed by Michael Findlay
- Gregory O'Brien, Welcome to the South Seas: Contemporary New Zealand Art for Young People, Reviewed by David Bell

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