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Journal of New Zealand Art History, Volume 29

Journal of New Zealand Art History, Volume 29

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Volume 29, 2008

- Alan Cocker, Photographic Entrepreneur or 'Colonial' Image-maker? The Legacy of New Zealand Photographer Arthur James Iles
- Vickie Hearnshaw, Weetbix for Breakfast: A Snapshot of Thelma Kent
- Roger Collins and Robert Hannah, Through Classicing Eyes: Revisiting Piron's Images of Pacific Islanders from D'Entrecasteaux's Voyage
- Ian Cooke, Approaching Antiquity: The Cast Collection at the Auckland Museum, 1878 - 2008
- Luke Smythe, A Threaded Communion of Earth, Sea, and Sky: Gretchen Albrecht's Early Stained Canvasses
- Winsome Wild, Little is Big: The Art of the Little Magazine in New Zealand, 1980s and 1990s
- Tony Mackle, Nugent Welch: Painting the Spirit of Nature

- David Eggleton, Towards Aotearoa: A short History of 20th Century New Zealand Art;
- Hamish Keith, The Big Picture: A History of New Zealand Art from 1642, Reviewed by Edward Hanfling
- Damian Skinner, The Carver and the Artist: Maori Art in the Twentieth Century, Reviewed by Bill McKay
- Laurence Aberhart, Justin Paton and Gregory O'Brien, aberhart: Laurence Aberhart Photographs, Reviewed by Peter Simpson
- Donald Bassett, Fix: The Art and Life of Felix Kelly, Reviewed by Ralph Body

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